Do you know what the worst thing in the world is? That’s to drink a bottle of beer that’s not chilled. I hate to drink room tempered beer so I always store my beer in my refrigerator. But do you know what is even better? Yes that’s right, a beer refrigerator!

What is a beer refrigerator?

A beer refrigerator is simply a refrigerator with only one purpose. To store and chill your beer! The advantages of storing and chilling your beer in a beer refrigerator versus your ordinary refrigerator are plentiful. A beer refrigerator can also be referred to as a: beer cooler, beer chiller or just the shorter version, beer fridge. I will use them all on this site for the sake of variation.

Beer bottle refrigerator

Usually beer storage capacity are specified in beer cans. But all types of refrigerators, except the really small, can be used as a beer bottle refrigerator. You just put the beer bottle on the side. A common practice is to arrange the shelfs so that you store beer cans in one place and beer bottles in another.

Beer bottles chilled with a beer refrigerator

With the aid of a beer refrigerator you can serve perfectly cold beer.


Beverage refrigerator

Obviously you could also call it a beverage refrigerator. You are not forced to use it for beer only, you can also put sodas in the refrigerator. But that’s not really the purpose, what’s fun with that? And even if the company don’t explicitly tell you it’s a beer refrigerator, that’s what it was designed for.

What are the advantages with a beer refrigerator?

As I previously mentioned there are many advantages with a beer cooler versus your main refrigerator. I will divide the advantages in two categories, the pure feeling and appearance and the more technical and objective aspects.

The feeling and appearance of a beer cooler

Imagine yourself having a little gathering/party in the living room of your house. You decide to serve everyone a cold beer. To do that you have to go out to the kitchen and get the beer. This is the common scenario for most of people. But now, imagine that you instead go to the corner of your living room. There you have a really nice beer fridge with a glass door. You serve all your friends a cold beer and you can really feel how impressed they are. I don’t think I have to elaborate more on the subject. There are two kinds of people in the world, those who like the presence of a beer refrigerator, and those who don’t.

A beer refrigerator can really lift a rooms appearance

A beer fridge can really lift a room interior


The technical benefits with a beer cooler

Different beer types are best served at certain temperatures. If you store your beer in your everyday refrigerator, you can’t change the temperature all the time. With a beer refrigerator you can easily adjust the temperature to fit the type of beer you are going to serve. And on top of that you might have some personal preference about the temperature of a beer. I like my beer a little bit extra cold.

What are the different types?

There are many different varieties of a beer refrigerator. Which of them that suits you best depend on your needs.

Wine and beer fridge

This site is mainly focused on pure beer refrigerators. But I can’t avoid to mention the wine and beer fridge. This is just as it sounds a refrigerator that is optimized for beer and wine. There are some different types of wine and beer fridges. The most common is to have two separate sections, for example beer to the left and wine to the right. You can then adjust the temperature separately and both sides have their own door.

A wine and beer fridge can be the perfect compromise

A stylish wine and beer fridge from Edgestar. Check it out on Amazon!


Another type of wine and beer refrigerator only have one door. The beer and wine are then separated to the top half and bottom half. The two areas are still fully separated so you can set different temperatures.

Whit or without glass doors

If you have a beer cooler you probably like beer. And then, why don’t show all your awesome beer through a glass door? The fact is that most products have a glass door. But if you don’t want a glass door it’s totally fine, there are fridges without glass doors.

You can also choose between one or two doors. The smaller refrigerators usually have only one door, but the bigger types might have two. It’s just a question of taste, I prefer two doors. If you want to spice things up some more, there are some beer fridges with shaded glass doors.

A shaded glass door can really lift a refrigerator

A smaller type with a nice glass door finish. Check it out on Amazon!


Small beer fridge

With small I mean fridges with a capacity from only one beer can to about 5-10. Micro beer fridges that only take one beer can is usually powered by USB. Perfect to have by your computer! With some of the small fridges you have the ability to plug it in to your car. Perfect for the weekend picnic, but just remember to not drink and drive! Read about the best small beer fridges here.

Under the counter refrigerator

If you have very limited space maybe an under the counter beer cooler is what you need. Maybe you should get rid of that ugly trash compactor and make room for a nice beer fridge instead.

With an under the counter refrigerator you save space

Refresh the look of your kitchen with an under the counter fridge


What is the best beer refrigerator?

The question “what is the best beer refrigerator” is hard to answer without the knowledge of your needs. Maybe you’re looking for a mini USB fridge or an under the counter refrigerator. But the majority of people are looking for a “regular” beer fridge, and I will here list my top 3 pick.

Danby DBC120BLS Beverage Center – Stainless Steel

This is the number one best-seller on Amazon. It has a volume of 3.3 cubic inches and can hold up to 120 beer cans. It has an elegant glass door with stainless steel trim. The temperature range is between 43F – 57F. It suits your living room just as fine as your summer cabin. You simply can’t go wrong with this one!

Danby beer fridge

This is a really great refrigerator from Danby. Check it out on Amazon!


NewAir AB-1200 126-Can Beverage Cooler

This is also a really popular product on Amazon. It can chill your beer down to 34 degree Fahrenheit, perfect for those (me included) who prefer the beer really cold. This low temperature can also provide you with the ability to cool room tempered beer faster. And if you have a big party with lots of opening and closing of the fridge you can set the temperature extra low to compensate. This fridge can take up to 126 beer cans. You can also use it like a beer bottle refrigerator. To use it like a beer bottle refrigerator you just put your beer bottles on the side. They fit perfect this way, no weird diagonal storage needed.

A great beer cooler from Newiar

This fridge from Newair can serve you really cold beer. Check it out on Amazon!


Mini USB fridge

This is a best-selling small beer fridge on Amazon. When you buy this one, don’t expect some top quality product, it’s more of a fun gadget. It sure WORKS but some people complain that it don’t get cold enough. My experience is that this kind of devices get cold, but it just takes some time. It is powered by USB and will work with any computer. It can chill one beer can at a time. If you plan to put it on your office desk, make sure to hide it from your boss! Read even more reviews of mini beer fridges here.

A mini fridge for one beer at a time

With this USB powered mini fridge you can chill one beer. Check it out on Amazon!



As you probably understand now there are several big advantages with a beer refrigerator versus beer storage in your kitchen fridge. A beer cooler can really lift a whole room with its mere presence. Depending on the type of beer you drink, you can adjust the temperature to get it just perfect.