Beer Line Cleaning

Today I’m going to talk about something very important. Unfortunately this is far to often overlooked and results in a bad tasting beer. I’m talking about beer line cleaning! If you own a beer kegerator you should really read this.

How do you perform a beer line cleaning?

This can be quite hard if you don’t have the experience. But luckily there is special made beer line cleaning equipment. This beer tap cleaning equipment consists of some brush, a “beer line cleaning solution” and sometimes a pump. I would recommend using a pump because of the simplicity.

The best beer line cleaning kit.

This is a high quality keg line cleaner kit with a pump. It contains everything you need! Check it out on Amazon

How often should you do a kegerator cleaning?

Well this depends on how much you care about the taste of the beer… If you don’t do a keg cleaning there will be a build up of bacteria, yeast, mold, and beer stones within your beer line.

It is highly recommended to perform a beer line cleaning after every keg. Another guideline is to perform the keg line cleaner about every two weeks.

Only use cleaning chemicals specifically manufactured for beer line cleaning

This is an important thing and should not be forgotten. Luckily there are many chemicals special made for cleaning keg lines. This products dissolve the buildups of bacteria, yeast, mold, and beer stone that occur within the beer line without leaving behind unwanted residue or bad taste.

How long time does it take?

You might be discouraged just by the word “cleaning” and you might think that it will be a tedious and boring task. But I have good news for you, to perform a beer tap cleaning don’t have to take long time at all. And with the aid of a great clening kit, like the one above, it’s very easy. For further reading I recommend this article.

Don’t risk the taste of your beer with a dirty beer line!

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