Outdoor Beer Fridge and Cooler

An outdoor beer refrigerator is the ultimate thing to have during summer parties. Or perhaps a beer tasting party outdoors?

If you really enjoy the use of a beer fridge you would probably want to have it with you everywhere. But unfortunately, a regular beer fridge won’t be able to withstand all the stresses an outdoor use might cause.

What is an outdoor beer fridge?

An outdoor beer fridge is simply a refrigerator that is specially made for outdoor use. Whether it is very hot or very cold, your outdoor beer fridge will keep your beer at a desired temperature. If you make your own beer, check out an outdoor kegerator instead.

Outdoor beer cooler

When you say outdoor beer fridge or refrigerator you mean the same thing. But generally speaking an outdoor beer cooler is a little bit different. The first types are regular electric-powered refrigerators. But an outdoor beer cooler is a device that don’t use electric power at all. Instead, the cart is filled with a huge amount of ice. Because of this the products are a lot cheaper. The downside is of course that your beer won’t be chilled for a very long period of time.

Trinity outdoor beer cooler

The absolute best outdoor beer cooler on Amazon is the Trinity TXK-0802. It has by far the most reviews and they are also quite extraordinary positive.

This cooler is perfect to have during your summer parties. You fill it up with ice and then put in some beer. Several users say that it will be cold (still ice left) even after 2-3 days.

The best outdoor beer cooler is from Trinity.

This is the best outdoor cooler for beer. It’s cheap and easy, just fill it upp with ice! Check it out on Amazon!

It has an attached bottle opener and cap catcher. On the bottom there is a drainage plug to easy remove the melted ice after use.

The dimensions are 15 x 40.5 x 37 inches and it weighs 36 pounds.


The best outdoor beer refrigerators

Below I will list the top 3 best fridges for outdoor use.

Edgestar outdoor beer refrigerator

This is the best outdoor fridge to use for beer. It has nice glass doors so you can look at your beer before you decide which to drink. The temperature range is between 36° and 64° F and it has a nice digital LCD panel.

Edgestar outdoor beer fridge

This is the best electric-powered beer refrigerator for outdoor use. Check it out on Amazon!

You can store up to 84 standard beer cans. The dimensions are 33.5″ x 14.6″ x 24.4″ and it weighs about 100 pounds.

Of course you could also use this fridge indoor, but beware that it makes a bit higher noise than a regular fridge.


Whynter refrigerator

With this fridge you can have chilled beer outdoors. The biggest disadvantage with this fridge is that it don’t have glass doors. To be a true beer refrigerator, glass door is usually required.

Whynter refrigerator

This refrigerator from Whynter is made for outdoor use. Check it out on Amazon!

The dimensions are 14.6 x 24.4 x 33.5 inches and it weighs 69 pounds. The capacity is 3.2 cubic feet.


Avanti outdoor refrigerator

This outdoor beer refrigerator is quite similar to the Trinity outdoor beer cooler above. With the exception that this Avanti refrigerator is electric-powered.

This outdoor beer refrigerator is really stylish.

This outdoor fridge have a certain professional look. Check it out on Amazon!

It look very stylish with its dual sliding glass doors on top. It is also equipped with a beer bottle opener. The dimensions are 18 x 29 x 34 inches and the inner capacity is 2.5 cubic feet. It weighs 90 pounds.

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