Small Beer Fridge – 5 Great Products

A small beer fridge is simply a smaller refrigerator that’s used for beer only. Of course it’s a bit subjective where you draw the line for what is called a small beer fridge. In this article I will focus on beer refrigerators that can store between about 5 – 40 cans of beer.

The usage of a small beer fridge can be several, for example:

  • In your own room if you still live with your parents
  • In your weekend cottage
  • The possibility to have cold beer during a long drive. NOTE, not for the driver!
  • And many more…

Below I have evaluated the most popular and high rated products on Amazon. Even if I try to be objective, the following reviews are based on my own judgements.

Avanti 1.7-Cubic Foot Superconductor Beverage Cooler

This is a very popular small beer fridge from the company Avanti. It has gotten high rating on Amazon which is a very good sign. As with all fridges the storage capacity depends on the size of the cans/bottles and how you structure it. But you could probably store about 30 to 40 cans of beer at most. The dimensions are 19 x 17 x 20.2 inches and it weighs 33 pounds.

A small beer fridge with a nice glass door.

This small fridge from Avanti is both great and good looking. Check it out on Amazon!

The door hinge is to the right, which could have a big effect depending on where you plan to put it. The door is made out of glass with a really nice and cool finish as you can see in the picture. Inside the fridge there is LED lightning, which can be put ON or OFF. There is no option to let it be on only when the door is opened. This is of course a minus, but the only one in my opinion. Unfortunately smaller beer refrigerators often time are a bit cheaper and less advanced. But nonetheless, it’s the best small beer fridge on the market now in my opinion.

EdgeStar 62-can Small Beer Fridge

This small fridge from Edgestar is also very popular on Amazon. You can store up to 62 cans of 12 oz size in it. Or you could store 40 bigger cans, 16 oz size. The dimensions are 20″ x 17″ x 18½ “. It weighs 40 pounds.

This beer refrigerator can take maximum 62 cans

This fridge from EdgeStar can take 40 – 12 oz cans. Check it out on Amazon!

The cons with this small beer fridge is that it has no internal lightning and also a few costumer complains that it doesn’t get cold enough. But the problem might be that they don’t have enough gap between the shelves. For a fridge to work properly there must be proper ventilation (airflow). Simply put this is a simple but functional small refrigerator.

Haier HBCN02EBB 1.8 Cubic Foot Small Beer Fridge

This is a classic fridge from Haier. It can chill up to 42 beer cans at a time. The dimensions are 24 x 26.2 x 24 inches and it weighs 47.9 pounds. A big highlight is the door that can be set up to open from either the left or the right side. The refrigerator has adjustable legs which makes it easy to stabilize on an uneven surface.

A small beer fridge from Haier

This fridge from Haier can chill up to 42 beer cans at a time. Check it out on Amazon!

Quite many people complain that this fridge doesn’t get as cold as they would like. This is a problem with all small fridges, they won’t get SUPER cold. But many people claim it will get down to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, which I think is good for a small beer fridge.

Portable 6 can mini fridge cooler

This is a special type of fridge. I had one of this type when I was younger. It can store six 12 oz cans of beer at most. The best thing with this small fridge is that you can plug it into your cars cigarette lighter and take it with you on a trip! If you’re planning a long drive, your friends might really enjoy some cold beers. But remember to not drink and drive! Everything is included to use it in your car. You could also use it as a heater.

A mobile beer refrigerator.

A really cool small beer fridge that you can use in your car. Check it out on Amazon!

This fridge has gotten really good reviews on Amazon. It’s a cheap and fun little refrigerator. You simply can’t go wrong with this one!

Avanti BCA196BG 1.9 cubic Foot Deluxe Beverage Cooler

A simple small refrigerator from Avanti.

A new small fridge from Avanti. Check it out on Amazon!

This is a pretty new small beer refrigerator from Avanti. It hasn’t got any ratings or reviews on Amazon yet, but everything points to it being a really good refrigerator. The capacity is 1.9 cubic foot with the dimensions 18.8 x 17.5 x 20.8 inches. Depending on how you structure your cans and bottles it can easily take up to 30-40. It weighs 35 pounds. The design is clean and simple with a nice glass door. A perfect small beer fridge for the dorm room or summer cottage.

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