The Best Mini Beer Fridges

A mini beer refrigerator is a really small unit that has the capacity to chill one or two beer at a time. It can also be referred to as a micro beer fridge. This special kind of fridges have become really popular since the arrival of personal computers in every persons home. The reason is mainly because the mini refrigerators oftentimes are powered by the computers USB port.

Imagine yourself the luxury not having to get up to the kitchen to get yourself a cold nice beer. You could work in front of your computer for hours and then just lean back, relax and open a can of beer.

If you’re looking for a bit bigger fridge, check out the article about small beer fridges instead, you find it here.

1. Neon Mini USB Fridge

This is one of the most highly rated mini beer refrigerators on Amazon. The price is a bit higher than the competitors but what you get is higher quality. Oftentimes mini USB fridges have somewhat low quality, but according to several reviews on Amazon this one hold what it promises. It is powered by a computer USB and can both chill and warm. The dimensions are 90 x 91.5 x 203 mm and it weighs 385 g.

A super popular mini beer refrigerator

The most popular mini USB refrigerator on Amazon. Check it out on Amazon!

Some really cool features involve the LCD display in front. On the LCD display you can see the temperature but it also has a calendar and time.

2. Mini USB Fridge (RED)

A classic style mini fridge

With this USB powered mini fridge you can chill one beer. Check it out on Amazon!

Here is a cheap but popular mini fridge. It is powered by USB as the name implies, and it only requires an USB 1.1 port. The dimensions are 195 x 83 x 94 mm and it weighs one pound. The fridge drop to its lowest temperature within only five minutes. It can also be used as a heather.

3. PsmGoods Mini USB powered Fridge

This mini beer fridge can hold two beer cans

A slightly bigger mini fridge for the thirsty. Check it out on Amazon!

Here is a slightly bigger mini beer fridge. In this product you can chill as much as TWO small beer cans. You could also chill a bottle or a big can. Perfect if you’re extra thirsty behind your computer. It has built in LED lights and is powered by USB.

4. Image Mini USB powered fridge

A cheap USB fridge

A stylish mini fridge in the lower price segment. Check it out on Amazon!

This is another type of mini fridge in the lower price segment. It has the dimensions 6 x 4 x 9 inches and is powered by USB. If you want you can buy an adapter to connect it to your regular electric outlet. As with many other mini beer fridges people complain about it not getting cold enough.

5. Neon Red Mini Portable Can-shaped USB Fridge

Neon can-shaped mini beer fridge

A really cool USB fridge that looks like a can. Check it out on Amazon!

Here is another mini refrigerator from Neon that’s very popular on Amazon. The special thing with this product is that it’s shaped like a can. Other than that it’s quite similar to other mini USB fridges. It is powered by USB and can chill one beer at a time. The dimensions are 200 x 110 x 110 mm and it weighs 530 g.


Mini beer fridges are not known for top quality and there are some really bad products on the market. Lucky for you, this top 5 list consists of products that actually work pretty good. So do yourself a favor and check this fridges out!

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