Uline Refrigerator – The best models

This post is going to be dedicated to just the Uline refrigerator.

Which are the best Uline Refrigerator models?

If you are a refrigeratorgeek like me, when you hear “Uline refrigerator” you’re most likely to be thinking about compact refrigerators. That’s because Uline is best at making the compact models. Uline are also known for producing high quality products that lasts for decades.

The best uline refrigerator.

Model 1175RB is the best refrigerator from Uline. Check it out on Amazon!


Uline Refrigerator Model 1175RB-00 24

This is the best Uline refrigerator in my opinion. It has good ratings on Amazon and it’s a really high quality product.

It has tempered glass shelves and an automatic defrost function. If you have a wood panel fram an old Uline refrigerator you can insert it into this fridge to.

The dimensions are 23.9 x 23.8 x 34.9 inches and this gives you a 5.7 cu. ft. capacity. It weighs 135 pounds.




Uline Fridge Model 29RB-00

This Uline fridge is a bit smaller then the 1175RB model above.

The second best Uline fridge.

This is also a great and high quality refrigerator from Uline. Check it out on Amazon!

The dimensions are 23 x 20.8 x 28.5 inches. The storage volume is 3.3 cubic feet and it weighs 89 pounds. It is energy star and CEE Tier 1 rated for highest quality.

It has a mechanical dial control and a controlled passive cooling system. Here is a review from a cosutmer on Amazon:


Replaced older one that lasted 20+ years. Great quality and would highly recommend U-Line to continue making this exact size model!

Read more reviews about different Uline refrigerator on amazon here.


What is Uline Refrigerator company?

The Uline Corporation is a North American producer of refrigeration products, primarily intended for residential use. It was founded in 1962 by Henry Uihlein. Some of the Uline refrigerators have been some “first on the market” products. For example the first combination refrigerator/ice maker (1971), the first portable ice maker (1971) and the first residential wine refrigeration system (1985).

Uline wine cooler

If you are looking for a Uline wine cooler you don’t have to look for long. Uline has a great sortiment of wine coolers.

Uline wine cooler 24 Bottle Triple Zone

This is probably the best Uline wine cooler on the market. It has gotten som great reviews on Amazon. The dimensions are 23.1 x 14.9 x 34.1 inches and it weighs 97 pounds. It has an LED temperature display and a triple cooling zone.

Uline wine cooler.

This is a really great wine cooler from Uline. Check it out on Amazon!

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