Wine and Beer Fridge – Top 5

I never thought I would write this article. I’m a huge beer-lover and my plan was to keep this website only to focus on beer refrigerators. But I have decided to make a small exception and write about the best wine and beer fridge on the market.

The reason is that so many people have the need for both a beer fridge and a wine fridge. So the combination into a beer and wine fridge would probably be very beneficial to them. And I just love to provide something valuable to people.

What is a wine and beer fridge?

When I talk about a wine and beer cooler I refer to a refrigerator that has shelves optimized for beer at one zone and wine at another. It should also be possible to set different temperatures in both zones. Unfortunately there are not too many beer and wine refrigerator models on the market today.

The best beer and wine fridges

The list below is based on customer reviews and price. But also on the mere specifications and design of the beer and wine fridge.

Edgestar wine and beer cooler

This is the best wine and beer fridge in my opinion. It has gotten good reviews and has the lowest price of the most popular ones.

It has only one glass door but of course there are two different zones. The zone for wine bottles is made in wood in a really nice way. There is room for 20 regular wine bottles and 84 beer cans.

This fridge from Edgestar has one door.

This is the best wine and beer fridge on the market. Check it out on Amazon!

This is a really great choice if you want both a beer fridge and a wine fridge. It has digital controls with a touch panel, very modern. The dimensions are 32″ x 23.5″ x 24.4″ and it weighs 105 pounds (shipping weight).

Edgestar with dual doors

This wine and beer refrigerator is very similar to the Edgestar model above. With the exception that it has French doors (dual). It also has good reviews but the price is a bit higher. The dimensions are the same as the single door model.

A wine and beer fridge can be the perfect compromise.

A stylish wine and beer fridge from Edgestar. Check it out on Amazon!


Newair beer and wine refrigerator

This wine and beer fridge has two glass doors to the different zones. Both zones have separate digital controls to adjust the temperatures. This refrigerator can hold 18 wine bottles and 58 beer cans.

A beer and wine cooler from Newair.

A dual door refrigerator from Newair. Check it out on Amazon!

If you want you can lock both doors, perfect if you use it in a commercial way. The dimensions are 24 x 23.5 x 34.2 inches and it weighs 115 pounds.

Edgestar side by side fridge

This is another beer and wine fridge from Edgestar. Actually it is two separate products. One beer fridge and one wine fridge. But instead of buying them separately you can save money by buying them as a complete beer and wine refrigerator.

A beer and wine fridge combined.

Save money and buy this double package! Check it out on Amazon!

When combined this refrigerator can hold 26 wine bottles and 80 beer cans. The dimensions are 32″ x 30″ x 23.5″ (combined).

Magic Chef beer and wine cooler

This product is quite similar to the first Edgestar wine and beer cooler when it comes to the design. It has one glass door but two separate zones. Depending on which zone you use for what you can store a maximum of:

  • 18 wine bottles and 77 beer cans
  • 28 wine bottles and 63 beer cans
An OK beer and wine refrigerator.

A decent fridge from Magic Chef. Check it out on Amazon!

It has pretty many reviews, but they are quite divergent. Some are great and some are bad. The dimensions are 37 x 26.5 x 26.5 inches and it weighs 116 pounds.


A beer and wine refrigerator is a great choice for people who love both beer and wine. The most appreciated and best priced product is the Edgestar beer and wine cooler.

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